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Man chased, assaulted and arrested after Bogie Board surfing in Panama City Beach, Florida.

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I despise and avoid tell-lie-vision, but somehow caught a glimpse of this yesterday.

Some slave trying to have fun escapes the plantation to enjoy the sport of surfing waves in the Gulf of Mexico on a body board.

He was chased, assaulted, and arrested by multiple men (police) who think they have authority over other people, and can force with violence what they: Can, and Can Not do, all while the other slaves observed and cheered the slave masters.

Read Frederick Douglass's account as a 19th century African American Slave and you will find the same psychological mindset that the overwhelming majority of the enslaved had/have that perpetuate their condition.

I find this news disgusting.

To be Free we Must take personal responsibility, and allow all people to live and do as they choose.

The man surfing was harming no one!

-Brian Nelson