The definition of our subject Possession is:
Control over matter. Ownership; to own.

Matter in a person's possession is defined as property.
Every person on earth owns property and every person has possessions.
We require property; we create; we use our thoughts and emotions then take action to build the world we live in.
Property is one thing that separates us from most of the animal kingdom.

Can fictional entities possess matter?
Does Santa Clause own a sleigh?
Does the Easter Bunny own eggs?
Does the Tooth Fairy want or need teeth?
Does Monsanto Incorporated own or possess plants, insects, species, and/or the rights to entire species?
Can Monsanto create an entire species?
Can Monsanto (a fictional entity, with no hands to hold, no mind to think, and at best nothing more than symbols on paper) possess matter?

Things that are real can not be possessed by ideas, concepts, fictions, or symbols. This is what I am resolving.
People however can possess and create ideas, concepts, fictions, and symbols.


Its the people that use the fictional construct known as Monsanto Incorporated that have created species through their actions of DNA Manipulations.
Thoughts and emotions of right and wrong are delegated to the fictional entity so that the person taking action can avoid mental conflict.
The people at Monsanto are Just doing their job.
Monsanto Incorporated is like a virtual Sword and Shield, and very much a legal Sword and Shield.
A sword for people to attack other people, and a shield for people to defend themselves from other people.
I met and spoke with someone who worked at Monsanto. I told him Monsanto. was The Devil trying my best to sound like Cathy Bates in the movie Water Boy.
I fully expected a confrontation, but the man surprised me and said that Monsanto. was The Devil and confirmed some of my allegations that indicated the organization is an enemy to all things living.
Why I asked would you work for such an organization?
He answered with: I have children to raise; I have to make a living somehow.
I was in awe and left the conversation at that point.

Belief in fictional entities is a mind control affliction that believers use to sub do their emotions, to claim power, and avoid personal responsibility.
As more people believe and use the entity: more power is claimed, and more people are attracted to the power; it’s a positive feedback loop.
As the organization of people grows they become compartmentalized, not knowing the goal, just doing tasks.
Power seekers do anything for more power and they end up directing the other people in Departments.
The definition of Department is to divide or separate.
The people are working on small tasks without knowledge of the end goals put in place by the Directors.
These Corporate workers try to abdicate their personal authority, and delegate their responsibility in an attempt to separate themselves from what they are creating.
It's very much like closing your eyes while you build your own hell. It wasn't me that did that. I was just doing what I was told to do. This is all the fault of the directors.
Are these corporate workers possessed by the fictional entity?
No, but they volunteered their effort and attention to an elite few power taking individuals.

Group Think

Group belief in fictional entities is a Cult.
People are sold a lie and their believe grows stronger with time and peer pressure.
People can never truly delegate responsibility for their actions, but the cult encourages this mental maneuver.
Contradictions are created in the minds of cult members.
Cult members are rewarded with money, power, and companionship.
An overwhelming majority of people on earth are cult members, all of them mental and emotional children that have yet to grow, and have yet to embrace truth.
They comfort themselves by attempting to abdicate their authority to a fictional version of Mommy, Daddy, and/or God.
They deny that their actions are creating this world.
In their mind the contradiction grows, and most people complete their life without ever reconciling the contradiction, then die in fear and confusion.

Are these cult members possessed by the cult? No, but other members of the cult may act as if they own people.
Are they possessed by the group think? No, they are just confused by their belief in lies, and they can change their mind thereby eliminating contradictions.
Is there a person directing the cult? Yes, or some real entity with intentions to own, possess, and control the cult members.

The Government

The biggest lie! The biggest fictional entity of them all is the Easter Bunny...oops...I mean The Government!
Government is defined as Mind Control.
Government = govern(to control)ment(mind) = Mind Control.

The Government is not:
Existent, Tangible, Alive, Responsible, Authority, Savior, Persecutor

The Government can not:
Do, Be, Think, Feel, Act, Speak, Touch, See, Smell, Hear, Taste, Love, Hate, Kill, Nurture, Give, Steal

The Government is:
An Idea, A Thought, A Belief

The Government can:

People say things like:
I work for the Government.
The Government says...
The Government invaded...
The Government is good/bad.
The Government declared war.
The Government made me do it.
I am just doing my government job.
The Government will/will not allow...
The Government loves to help the poor.
The Government killed...
The Government stole my money.
The Government gives Billionaires a tax break.
The Government will protect nature.
That is Government land.
The Government hates the middle class.
The Government loves large business.

Every statement above is a lie; replacing the word Government with the word Person will create a true statement.

It's people taking action, actions that have been delegated to them by other people.
The leaders are just people; they are not Gods, they are not your Mommy or Daddy.
The leaders are venerable to human vises like seeking power and greed.
They are able to manipulate, lie, cheat, steel, and bully to the benefit of themselves.
Submission to the lie known as Government is taking action to create Hell on Earth!
Hitler's Government did not kill millions of Jews, people did that.
The U.S. Government did not drop nuclear bombs on Japan, people did that.
The Government is not taxing your wages, people are.
The Government does not feed the poor, people do that.
The Government does not build roads, people do that.

How can Government be both a fiction and Mind Control? People control their own minds it is just a choice to accept lies.
Does the Government possess or own citizens? No, but the elite few take advantage of people's belief to possess and enslave them.

People can work,act,and create together unanimously in the absence of government for the mutual benefit of all.

The Law

The people that killed other people (Jewish and otherwise) during world war 2 acted within the law; it was legal.
The war was legal; all wars have been and are legal for most actors.
Killing on behalf government has been and is legal whenever the leaders want or need it to be.
Theft and Death are just a pen and paper away from being legal.
If an individual person decides to kill someone it's illegal and labeled as murder, and rightly so.
When someone steals another person's property the action is illegal and labeled as theft, rightly so.
Does anyone have the right to kill another? No
Do they have the right to steal from another? No
What is a right? Any action that is harmless to others.
What is a wrong? Any action that harms others.
Do you want to be murdered? Do you want to be robbed?

The Law is a fictional construct, words on paper constructed to control the Free Will of people.

Human Beings have Free Will and act anyway they so choose. Actions have consequences, but actions that cause no harm to others have no consequences.
So a person can do what ever they choose as long as they do no harm.

People dress up in the finest clothes, and gather in grand buildings adorned with the finest marble, they speak in code...obfuscating and mesmerizing their prey.
They conjure ideas to enslave their fellow man, then using the finest pen upon the finest paper write the symbols of enslavement, bang a gavel declaring it The Law.
Who are these people creating The Law?
Does The Law possess, control, or own people? No, but when people alow their belief in laws to direct their actions (or lack of) they submit themselves to be used by the elite few.


According to Wikipedia Money is any item or verifiable record that is generally accepted as payment for goods and services and repayment of debts.

So by that definition money can be real (item) or a mental construct (verifiable record).

For people living in the geographical region know as United States of America money is typically understood as the U.S. Dollar.
The U.S. Dollar is a type of money known as Fiat. Fiat is defined as A formal authorization.
Here are two examples of Fiat:
In the Old Testament Genesis, God was somehow quoted as saying Fiat Lux which means Let their be Light
A conversation to help define fiat could be as follows:
But Why asked the child Because I said so! answered the mother. The statement Because I said so. is Fiat.

The U.S. Dollar can be real in the form of paper or metal, or it can be a mental construct in the form of verifiable records.
Researching Audit the Fed only created more questions for me, it is like going down the proverbial Rabbit Hole.
What I did learn is the so called Verifiable Records can not be verified by me.
So an overwhelming majority of U.S. Dollars are a fictional construct of unverifiable records.

Ask people why they go to work, and most will answer with So I can make money.
The only people that make money are those hiding and attacking from behind the private corporation called The Federal Reserve.
The Federal Reserve takes a fictional entity's promise to pay in the future, and then creates money.
The money is just debt, and the debt has to be re-payed with interest... interest that was never created.
So if the economy only consisted of two participants, the entity borrowing could never keep their promise to repay.
Furthermore the promise to repay includes a pledge of collateral or something of value.

To summarize this process: A fictional organization (Federal Reserve) creates fictional money (verifiable record) when another fictional organization (The Government) asks to borrow money and pledges something of value to be given once the promise is broken (and the promise will be broken).
This is a magic trick because nothing of value was created, and the end game is the valuable collateral will be given to the people behind the Federal Reserve that created so called money out of nothing.

The Government can not have, promise or pledge.

Realize that there is only people. This whole construct is a mind control program to take your attention away from the people who are running the program so that they can control you.

I am trying to simplify the process the best I can.

Most people are trustworthy and project their morality onto their environment believing that all people share similar morals.
I don't trust people who hide behind fictional entities. Like I stated before, fictional entities are created to be used as both a Sword and a Shield.

Can people be possessed by Money? No, but people need and seek currency; the current monetary system is a third party parasite that is feeding off people's exchange of goods, services, and ideas.
People that have money possess people that want money.

The current monetary system is the worlds largest religion.


People can only have what they can protect. It does not matter how physically large a person is, or a person's fighting ability, someone or some group will have the ability to steel from another person.
Defense of self and possessions is the individual's responsibility.
People work together to mutually protect each other. The overwhelming majority of people know that steeling is wrong, constrain themselves and act accordingly.

Some people are fearful and greedy. They want more than they are able to protect.
As their wealth grows in relation to their piers envy develops and the lesser fortunate withdraw their protection, so the wealthy become separated from their piers.
When a person has an intelligent idea, creates an innovation, or just outworks other people it does not go unnoticed.
Wealth above and beyond what other people have begins to accumulate.
There is no such thing as a secret, people will figure out what is bringing wealth and success to other people.
Sometimes wealth accumulates from hard work, shrewd conservation, and generational time; these paths to wealth are honored by most everyone.
But, many times wealth is accumulated from withholding the idea or innovation, steeling and/or bullying.
An idea can not be stolen, and intellectual property does not exist without violent force.
Fearful greedy people try to hold down their fellow man by not allowing them to produce with the same knowledge and innovation that they themselves are using.
The only way they can do that is with force.
Excess wealth has a price; Excess wealth requires excess protection.

So what do the police do? Police protect excess wealth, and use violence to enforce laws that restrict freedom.
Other than ourselves the police are the force that is perpetuating our slavery.
Are police needed? No because rarely do police stop violence, they just react once the violence has been committed then protect the violator. The violence should be prevented by individual, family, and community defensive action.

With the protection of police and belief in The Law, wealth begets wealth becoming disproportional and power becomes monopolistic.
Humanity has become polarized, and cannibalistic.
The military are the same as police just working for a larger group of people.

The Police are Real.
Get out of line, or disregard any of the overwhelming amount of laws written to protect the fearful and greedy and you will be possessed by the Police.


Voting is an act of violence.
A person only has authority over their self.
To do no harm is the only action a person can take without facing consequences.
So how can a fictional government ever get the authority to steel or kill real people in the real world if no single person has that authority?
Any vote for anyone participating in the concept of government can only be a submission to be enslaved, and an attack on their fellow man.

To Vote is to invoke possession.

Do you want to be a citizen puppet, or do you want to be your own sovereign?


Truth is defined as: Reality. That which is.

The human mind is controlled by each individual, and it can possess fiction.

Free your mind from the contradictions; work it out for yourself.
Withdraw yourself from the lies of the Cult.
Seek truth; truth is in everyone and everything.
Create for the betterment of all.
Build the courage to find and face your Fear; Fear is a trap, a negative feedback loop leading to more fear.
The mental exercises needed to free ourselves is uncomfortable but necessary.

The truth is a person can not be possessed by a lie, they can only believe they are possessed.
Minds can be changed in an instant.
Give Yourself and Others Freedom.

-Brian Nelson