Investment Allocation

The following is my list (in order of importance) of who, what, why, where, and how I choose to invest my attention:

Federal Reserve Notes

My portfolio consists of 19 items.

The first six (and most important) items are mostly non-tangible, but are instrumental in obtaining a human's tangible needs (water,clothing,shelter,food)
Water, clothing, shelter, and food are the items needed to keep your human alive and healthy.
Vehicles, tools, garden, materials, and library are items that when used wisely create a better world for myself, my friends, and humanity.
The last 4 items are money items that come as I create in excess of my needs; as I provide value to others.
I observe, learn, create, and then share before money/currency flows.
Money can be a benchmark or reward for the value that a person contributes to others.
Using Federal Reserve Notes (paper money) is almost unavoidable due to humanity's ignorance of the mechanics of fiat currency.

Money can/will be used to purchase many of the items listed, but as money does not exist in the natural world (it is only a construct) I am compelled to give it less of my attention.
Money can not purchase: Truth, Friends, Humanity, Experience, or Knowledge.

Here is a summary of each item:

Truth - That which IS. Truth is Reality. It is observable, knowable, and non contradictory.
Gravity is an example of truth, it works regardless of a person's belief.
The truth can be uncomfortable and scary, ignoring it will lead to false perceptions and destructive actions.
A tree is another example; it exists, it is observable, and knowable.

Friends - Other conscience beings that we exchange thoughts, emotions, and actions with.
Free exchange between beings expands consciousness making the world a better place.

Humanity - The aggregate of human consciousness. Like its own entity, like a democracy of what we humans create.
There was a time when I rejected participating in humanity. I did not want to play in a rigged game.
Humanity exists, and humanity co-created this world.
The truth is immutable and humanity grabbed me and shook me to the core, I could not run, I could not hide.
I am writing this because of that truth I learned.
It is my responsibility to work with humanity to build the world that I want, I need to influence humanity, not just live truth but preach truth.

Experience - The process of getting knowledge or skill from doing, seeing, or feeling things.
I pay attention to what I want to experience, and take action to gain a diversified portfolio of experiences.
Experiences can be painful and many are a risky, but fear needs to be filtered through the truth and confronted with courage.

Travel - To move locations. This comes under experience.
At times I stop attempts at changing the world, and instead choose to travel. I discover contrasts, and my perception of the world changes.
The importance of travel can be found when understanding the allegory of Pluto's Cave.
Perception may not be reality, but it can create reality by influencing action.

Knowledge - Knowledge is awareness. Knowledge starts with observation through the the five senses.
To see a tree is to know a tree.
To hear a bird is to know a bird.
To smell an onion is to know an onion.
To taste chocolate is to know chocolate.
To feel sand is to know sand.

Water - An inorganic molecule containing two hydrogen atoms and one oxygen atom.
I have come to believe that basic human needs are as follows:
oxygen, heat, water, fuel/food/nutrition
So...knowledge of water, it's forms, and how to manipulate and conjure this necessary molecule takes a percentage of my attention.

Clothing, Shelter, and Food - No definitions needed. Read statement three lines above about basic human needs.
These are all worthy of my attention.

Vehicle/s - Any means in or by which a being travels, or something is carried or conveyed.
Important in providing a means to travel even though legs and feet can accomplish most travel.
I like to spend my attention on bicycles and boats(sail/paddle)...simple, obtainable, reliable, easy to sustain.
Knowledge of motor vehicles, and air craft can be very beneficial.
Computers and software are also vehicles that carry information.

Tools - An object that can extend a being's ability to modify it's surrounding environment, or help accomplish a particular task.
Examples: knife, computer, car, etc. Most everything I posses is a tool of some kind to make my existence better.
I have tools to repair tools.
Guns are tools. Guns exist. It is my responsibility to defend myself. Guns are good tools to have.
With knowledge comes desire. Tools help fulfill desires.

Horticulture - The art, science, technology, and business of plant cultivation.
If food is needed for human existence; then horticulture is worth my attention.
Witnessing a seed germinate and grow is a window to understanding our creator.
Plants can exist without humans, but human can not survive without plants...same with mycelia.

Materials - A substance or mixture of substances that constitutes an or non living matter.
I study materials in order to manipulate and create a better environment for myself, friends, and humanity.
"We live in a material world" is false. We live in an energy field...all matter is a creation of energy.
Even armed with that knowledge; matter is just lying around waiting to be put together for some use.
Knowledge of matter matters.

Library - A collection of material, books, and/or media used to gain knowledge.
I found a corelation to the latin word libre which means free.
Can a library be used to free a person? I very much think so.
It is communication and a fast track to learning humanity's bulk of knowledge within a relatively short human life span.

Cryptocurrencies - Software defined tokens voluntarily confirmed and claimed through public key cryptography on decentralized computers.
This is voluntary participation in a network of users that run synchronized blockchains of information.
The value is in the network.
Cryptocurrencies are increasing in liquidity and users.
They can be traded for most anything fiat (dollars) can be traded for.

Federal Reserve Notes - The currently issued bank notes of the united states dollar.
Federal Reserve Notes along with other Federal Reserve Money are monopolistic and perpetuated by force.
Lack of choice has elevated Federal Reserve Money to almost necessity for human interaction.
I spend my attention learning how to best avoid Federal Reserve Notes.

Coins - Tangible metal tokens often created as legal tender and used to facilitate trade.
Coins are made of gold, silver, platinum, copper, bronze, and many other metals and alloys.
Coins have the ability to store value and easy to trade. Coins resist monetary inflation.
U.S. examples (February 2023 valuation) :
A 1982 or earlier copper penny has a copper value 2.7 cents.
A nickel has copper/nickle value of 6.7 cents.
A quarter produced before 1965 has a silver value of $3.95

Metals Gold, Silver, Platinum -Tangible elements on the periodic table that are durable, portable, difficult to produce, and difficult to counterfeit.
Currently these metals are easy to trade and have a high market value to weight ratio.
They have other industrial uses as well.
I will pay attention to anything that can store value that I've created, be used to get me things that I need/want, and keeps me from having to use predatory Federal Reserve Money.

-Brian Nelson
Feb 21, 2023