How Dare Slaves Kill Themselves

A neighbor recently died from suspected fentanyl overdose. Several sheriff's deputies were dealing with and investigating that person's death, and as I tried to go into my house, I got talking with friends that were there to report, support, and investigate for themselves what happened.
I told my friends that I had very little knowledge of the person, and was concerned that that he was overly friendly, and my intuition was that he may be a thief.
The other people spoke highly of him and testified that he was a good person. I wish I had heard their testimony earlier and got to know him better myself.
One of the sheriff's investigators knew him as well, and spoke about his time with him. That investigator went on to state that he will find and indite (with manslaughter) who ever supplied drugs to the deceased.
He sounded confident, stating that he will take everything from the dealer...his money, cash, car, house, and property. He said it was personal.

Well...that investigator has yet to understand Right from Wrong!

I think that most people understand that using drugs like fentenal may lead to death. So if the deceased did take fentanyl, he most likely knew the risks.
But...Perhaps he didn't know; Perhaps he was suicidal, either way... only knowledge/education would have helped him understand what he was taking in.

Human beings are free, their body belongs to them to do as they choose, to take into their body whatever they choose.
Human beings can commit suicide as well.
Humans are responsible for themselves. Human beings have free will.
No person, Creator/God, or alien being/s are going to save you from your responsibility to yourself.
I doubt that anyone forced the deceased to take drugs, or dictated dosage, and that should be the only actions to investigate.

Investigating any actions other than violent action (there can be no self violation) in an effort to assign responsibility and destroy another person is violence.
It is taking a persons Ownership of Self and using it to violate a completely separate person.

?Why, What, Where, When, Who, How?


Why did the deceased take the drugs?

The investigator said that he was just reaching for a higher high.
The deceased's room mates said he was going through a difficult situation with his girlfriend.
I heard some people talk about a pregnancy.
Perhaps he perceives reality has overwhelming contradictions.
Perhaps he wants to reunite with the Creator/God.
We may never know the answer to Why; we can only speculate.


What caused that person to die?

I imagine an autopsy will reveal the cause of death.
As of now consensus appears to be death by drug overdose.


Where did the death and events leading to death occur?

The investigators should be able to determine where.


Same as above.


Same as answering What; investigation should reveal an answer to this question.


Who is responsible for the death?

Unless the investigation finds the deceased's Will was violated, then the death was accidentally self inflicted, or suicide.

Any further investigation and accusation would remove personal responsibility, and externalize authority upon the deceased.
To assume responsibility and authority over another being is to to Enslave.

Was he a slave?
Was his life the responsibility of We the People, or some sort of fictional government concept?
Was his life the responsibility of the drug dealer?

One of the most life endangering sports is Base Jumping, as in jumping from stationary heights and using a parachute to descend.
The percentage of deaths per jumps is probably similar to drug use/overdose deaths.
Is the parachute dealer responsible for the jumper's life?

Scuba diving is so dangerous I had to pay a higher premium for a life insurance policy.
If I were to perish while scuba is my responsibility to know the risks, then choose to disregard and take the risk.

These are just two of many examples. It is just part of life.

Mistakes happen, and some mistakes/actions require justice wether out of ignorance, incompetence, or malice. A great amount of that justice can be served thru education.

To be free is to make choices. People think, feel, and create this world we live in.
If somebody wants/needs something, there will be other people to provide for their wants/needs.

I ask that we do not violate the drug dealer, but educate people on how to live free and reciprocate freedom.

-Brian Nelson