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Klaus Schwab and the World Economic Forum have expressed their desire for people to eat ze bugs.
I judge their desire as a threat, so I act accordingly.

The reality is that I am a Truckatarian, the food I eat comes off a truck,
so I need to grow and source food just in case that psychopath and his evil associates are able to destroy the current economy.

My vegetable garden last year was a 90% failure, and so far not looking good for this year either.
The bugs eat my vegetables and it may be that I am working for the bugs.

Vegetable Garden

I built a hydroponic garden that is viable and providing leafy greens that are delicious.

Starting the seedlings in hydroponic bath
Ready for harvest
Ready to eat

I also grow sprouts.

Beet Sprouts

Weeds and wild plants are also in abundance around me.

And the bounty from the sea.

I need to keep doing what I am doing and learn from my failures.

Please write in the comment section to share ideas on how to secure food needs.