I woke up in chains.

I learned right from wrong in the 1980s, not from my parents, not from church, not from school, but from and old hippy sailor named Bob Gilbow.
His existence was simple and easy, as were his words. From him I had gained knowledge of personal responsibility.
He sailed oceans alone, without a motor, without an electrical system or radio, stating that he would never want to burden others for any mistakes or misfortune that may cause him injury or death.
He disregarded all of man's laws stating that:
On the ocean, and in wilderness the balance of life and death is easy to witness and understand.
This reality has rules, regardless and independent of what any person may perceive.
Don't fear the inevitable.

I have known these truths; like I know the sun will rise in the east every morning.
I discarded my diesel motor and went sailing, traveling, meeting people, and enjoying this world.
Most people I met were like mirrors. They had the same knowledge of truth, love, and freedom.

At some point I must have read a newspaper or turned on a television because there it was - evil.

I would research the lies, injustices, and evil that humans were forcing onto all of humanity.
This evil could easily be ended by ignoring lies, and accepting natural order.
I would show people the lies and conditions, so that they could understand and stop any thoughts, emotions, or actions that feed it.
No one cared.

People told me:

Don't focus on the negative.
Enjoy my life.
It is - just the way the world is.
There is nothing I can do to change things.
If you want positive; only think positive.
Ignore evil and it will not exist.

So I tried the suggestions listed above.
I lived my life in freedom. I lived my life in paradise.

Then I woke up in Chains!

While I was living in ignorant bliss; evil caught up with me.
I have believed for over thirty years that the people behind the united states were/are morally corrupted, and were/are long overdue a reconciliation, economic and social collapse.
I most certainly tried to distance myself from these people, often sailing away to other countries that I felt more comfortable in.
Comfort is a trap.
I felt both separate and free in other nations because my believe was:
I only had a responsibility to my ship, my immediate family, and myself. When I didn't like something I would just sail to the next place.

My understanding of righteousness, natural law, and objective morality was missing one thing:
Action is required.
The action I speak of is to help others know the truth, to defend the truth, regardless of discomfort, and ridicule.

In the spring of 2020 not only did the united states concept collapse, but so did most of the planet.

There was nowhere for me to run to, nowhere for me to hide.
My ignorance, comfort, and cowardly inaction lead me into chains.
My whole life, I have failed to speak up enough. I have failed to stand up enough.

As a many wise men have stated - All it takes for evil to prevail is for good people to do nothing.

I used to considered myself a good person, not anymore.
There is always a choice, and I now choose to be a good person.

This is my voice, these are my words. I will be diligent and take action.

Humanity must understand truth:

The collective can not dictate or force the individual.
Demanding people where masks is a satanic ritual.
Demanding people inject themselves with poison is genocide.
DNA is unique to each being, like a serial number given from The Creator.
There is a force that is trying to separate humanity from The Creator.
Money is a control system, a system designed to replace love.
Humanity is meant to exchange love=currency.
The only things a person can control are their own thoughts, emotions, and actions.
You are responsible for your thoughts, emotions, and actions.
Your responsibility can not be delegated.
You can do, and have the power to co-create anything that you can imagine as long as it is harmless to others, but you can not delegate your power.

Once humanity knows these truths; the chains will fall.

-Brian Nelson