July 4, 2022

I am a human, here on earth, along with you, to become conscience. These are my words, even though the topics and conclusions are shared by many people, both alive and dead. My words are simply an echo of the same simple theme: “Knowledge of truth will set us free”. My conclusions have come about thru seeking this knowledge from others... from writings thousands of years ago, to modern video podcasts. These people have done, and are doing the one great work to get this suppressed knowledge to humanity. It is my responsibility to share this knowledge, to take action, and to have courage... because as wise people have stated: "To know and not do; is not to know".

This writing is to remind humanity that truth exists, and that we (humanity) are bound by truth. The truth is the expression of all that exists. The truth is knowable, and humanity can learn, honor, and teach others the truth. This is the reason we are here; to become conscience of truth together. Truth is liner, and absolute. Our perceptions however are like a wave function, either moving away from, or toward the truth. Fear, delusion, and denial await any individual that refuses to accept truth.

This brings us to our present conditions here on earth.


Yes unfortunately humanity has enslaved itself.
Examples of our enslaved conditions :


When a person is born in the western world (most likely in a hospital or other institutional facility); the newborn's nose and mouth are suctioned even when it is not needed 90% of the time. the umbilical cord is clamped prematurely (still pumping), there is well documented evidence that it should be delayed until after first breath and once it stops pumping.

Silver nitrate and prophylactic eye ointments are put into the newborns eyes limiting the newborn's maternal bonding. The stated reason is to prevent blindness in the event the mother has a STD, even though she is tested for STD.

Vaccinated - hepatitis B

The newborn is bathed removing vernix which covers the newborns extremely sensitive skin moisturizing the newborn, also bathing can drop the newborn's body temperature

Circumcision (often) - why?

Newborns are cataloged measured/weighed and given a name, number, and claimed as a citizen/subject to a fictional jurisdiction. Note...when cataloging, a copy of the newborn's "sole" (footprint) is imprinted on a certificate which i find very symbolic. All of this without any consent of this newborn person, and often without informed consent from the mother.

Can a person enter this world without going thru all this unnecessary nonsense? yes they can, but these actions taken upon a defenseless newborn are the first preparations for their enslavement.

Welcome to this world!


Vaccinations are required by force in many jurisdictions, and excessively pushed (under false pretense) onto people in other jurisdictions. If a person has no authority over their own body; then that person is a slave.

Seat belts on for driving or else be violated/imprisoned by the police who are “just doing their job”.

Don't intake that cannabis plant that was put here by the creator or else be violated/imprisoned by the police who are “just doing their job”.

Military draft/service - you will give yourself/your life to a fictional jurisdiction that does not love nor hate and is no more real that the Easter Bunny, so that an elite few (masters) can steal resources and demand authority from humanity. This is a negative feedback loop. Once again - people either own their body or they are slaves.


As a person perceives this world, thoughts arise, and should continue to emotions, and then into actions that make this world a better place (co-creation). Perception is a wave function. A person can perceive what is not true, and then act upon the false perception creating fear and all that comes with it.

Schools indoctrinate the innocent youth. The youth trust and except false and ignorant information simply because they are inexperienced. Ignorant people are shaping their perceptions, thereby introducing thoughts that are not true. Schools are building compliant robots not independent creative thinkers.

Television is produced by a gang of people with intentions of directing your thoughts, emotions, and actions. I could go on about this for an extremely long time, but everyone knows it is programming people. If you don't know that television programs people; then you are ignoring reality.

Media the same. the same gang. the same agenda. the same mind control.

Marketing directs people to worship things, status, money. money. money. A one world religion has been set up so that humanity worships money. The etymological root of the word money = (mon ey. = one eye) the all seeing eye = god (its printed on the one dollar bill). Money is not god and does not equal love. It is a control system setup so that humanity will keep itself enslaved, and separated. Fear and greed.

Slaves are not allowed to think for themselves.


Communication is a right and a necessity. We are here to communicate, share, learn, and grow with each other. There is censorship happening in order to silence the truth. Censorship is wrong. It is evil. Every person has the right to speak. If other people don't like what is being said, they don't have to listen.

All forms of media are currently being censored. Google, Apple, all TV networks, most papers, many websites, YouTube, movies, radio... they are all owned by the same gang and direct people to their agenda.

Protests are being violently dispersed and silenced. There are protest zones, permits to protest, infiltrations and influencing of protest groups.

Free speech is meet with violence in many jurisdictions, and is becoming increasingly dangerous and difficult.

Free trade is a right. Most trade should occur between two consensual people, however we have a third fictional partner called the “state”, demanding to be involved (by force of violence) with demands of tax money, for protection that is not needed.

Most monetary transactions are traced.

The trade of many items are illegal, and if caught in the trade; people will be kidnapped and locked in a cage.

Only free people in agreement can trade what they want, with who they want, when they want, and where(no trespass) they want. All other people are slaves.


A person's actions will lead to creations, goods, services. things of value to them and other people. The fruits of their labor. A free person gets to keep the product of their labor...all of it.

Tax is slavery. It doesn't matter the reason. It doesn't matter the amount. People have been coerced to believe they need permits, licenses, building codes to learn, and comply with, just to create. People believe this is for their protection.

Create something that is against the gang's agenda; and it will likely be discredited, destroyed, and/or stolen. Just ask Nikola Tesla, Julian Assange, Rick Simpson, Marijuana farmers. If people are not free to create; then they are slaves.


Slaves can not own property. There is no such thing as property tax, the two words do not fit together. A person either owns property; or does not own property. If a person has to pay to keep or use property; then it is not property, its being rented. The etymological root meaning of the word property is to own/control.

The gang's enforcers (police, leos, military, etc) do steal and destroy people’s possessions and lives, sometimes with no reason and with very little risk of retaliation. These sub gangs of "I’m just doing my job." terrorist are very violent, mind controlled, adrenalin pumped, and separated from the common person. They stick together like a proper loyal gang and lay waste to people and there possessions. They produce nothing, and are destroyers of creation. They kidnap and put people in cages, threatening and torturing humanity. The only protection they offer is protecting the legitimacy of the fictional state. Obedient slaves might avoid the enforcer's rath by doing as they are told and programmed.


Fictional boarders for fictional entities that's all, but the gangs control sub gangs to enforce separation of the earth that is shared with all earthlings. Safety checks, licenses, passports, fees, wait times, frisking, violence, and death is what the enforcers produce. It is very difficult to travel freely as you wish upon this earth. A free person can go where they want, when they want, as long as does not harm another person. Slaves can not.

This is the state of the world, and has been for a very long time.

However, it does not have to be this way. The truth will set us free. Focus on what "Is". Understand it, know it, share it. When the truth is known to all of humanity, then we will be free. We will experience the love of creation, and co-create a world of infinite possibilities. This can happen in an instant.

Authority does not exist outside of a person's self. You and the Creator are co-authors (authority) of your person. Most of humanity is under the spell that authority comes from government. “Government“ that word etymologically = "govern" "ment" = control mind. Government is mind control. Government is slavery. Government is not real. It is not truth. It doesn't exist, doesn't contain matter, molecules, or subatomic particles. It is a thought. A thought that takes our perception away from the truth.

Government is used by knowledgeable people as a shield and a sword. A shield used to protect what they cannot protect. A sword to attack what they can not attack. These knowledgeable people use government (aka mind control) to strengthen their position in relation to others. Notice that i said "knowledgeable people" because they know the truth. They do all that they can to separate you from truth, and that is why government mind control is pushed onto the mass of humanity.

The truth is that every human is their own authority, and every human is burden with responsibility to themselves. A person's authority can not be delegated, people can not deny it, and to do so is wrong and will lead to enslavement. A person's responsibility can not be delegated.

No one, no person, no entity is coming to save us. It is up to us to know the truth. There is always a choice, live by natural law (the laws of creation) and create peace and freedom for all; or deny the truth and create entropy, slavery, and hell on earth.

Just say No!
The most powerful word on earth.
No to lies. No to injustice. No to violence.

It is the responsibility for each person to defend themselves. It is our responsibility to stop violence from being acted upon others unable to defend themselves.
You have a right to defend yourself.
You have a responsibility to defend yourself.
Guns exist.
Everybody has a right to posses guns.
Gun control is violence.
Only free people can own guns.

Do you want to be free? Do you want your children to be free?

Turn your back on government.
Turn your back on the gang of enforcers.
Turn your back on government monetary systems.
Turn off the television.
Take your human outside for a walk.
Search inside yourself and identify your immortal soul.
Love others.
Speak the truth.
Break the chains!
Be Courageous!

Truth, Love, Freedom.

-Brian Nelson
July 4, 2022

I was compelled to write this after witnessing people celebrating their enslavement on such a symbolic day. The 4th of July should be a celebration of liberty and freedom. The founding fathers pledged everything, their lives, their fortunes, their reputations. They were treasonous insurgents, that overthrew the authority. They defended the truth against the worlds most powerful milliary. Since then the western world has become a comfortable place for most people. Subjective morality is being twisted to fit conditions, and desired outcomes. Holding onto comfort, and belief in subjective morality are traps.