$500 Silver

A friend was asking me for advise on an investment opportunity that he was presented with.
I asked him 20 or more questions about the crypto token, and he was not able to answer but a few.
I did a limited amount of research on a guess of what it could be.
The next day I asked questions, and got no answers.
I stated that many high return investments must be acted upon quickly, that everybody is looking, and once others see and act...the return declines.
I asked again the next day and got nothing; I advised my friend that the opportunity was probably not an opportunity at all but a scam.

A few days later he stopped me and told me it was a scam, and that he and his friend had lost money.
We talked for awhile and I still did not get any of my questions answered.
I summarized my personal investment allocation and went on to suggest that: if his bases are covered...silver could be a great investment.
He asks me how much does it cost? and how much will it go up in price?
I said it is around $24 per ounce and predicted that it will go to $500 per ounce.
How about that?

The next day he tells me one of our mutual friends said no way that silver would be going to $500 per ounce, and he misunderstood my prediction...that I meant 500% and not $500.
Big difference...500% of 24 is $120; I said/predicted $500, and that is a 2083% increase

Sometimes my mouth runs away from me, swerves off into a ditch, tree, or crashes into oblivion.
I had given my friend a fiction prediction, just like all predictions.
I stand by my prediction like a good mule, and told him three reasons why I predict silver to demand $500 per ounce.
And now here I am putting pen to paper to rationalize why I think this will become reality.

The Truth:

  1. One ounce of silver - is, always has been, and always will be one ounce of silver.
  2. Silver is an element on the periodic table.
  3. It is real, it is tangible, it exists in reality.
  4. It is metal, it is durable.
  5. Silver is the best conductor of electricity that we (humanity) know of.
  6. Silver is mined from the earth, and takes work and effort to retrieve.
Those six things are what silver is, and there are many more attributes as well.

What is Silver's worth?

Right now the internet says:
$24.09 per oz. and a %3 premium for dealer to dealer physical purchase of melt value silver.
$24.09 per oz. is just a contract price for future delivery.
Apmex.com shows one ounce silver rounds -lowest price (CC/PayPal) $31,08, and bars at $29.14.
I went to a coin dealer a few days ago and purchased 2023 1oz Silver American Eagles for $37.80. That is a 57% premium above what market posts as spot.

Where is this so called market or so called spot; it would be a profitable place to find!

So $31.08.

I know there are dealers and sales that will sell for slightly less, but for this analysis I state at this time silver's value is $31.08 per once.
-In U.S. Dollars!

The value of Silver:

Silver will not shelter a person = no value
People drink coliodial silver = value
People do not eat silver = no value
Is silver fuel? I have heard that it is used in rockets = value
Silver is used in electrical circuits as a conductor = value
Silver is used for jewelry = value
Silver has been/is/and will continue to be used as money = value

So what we are doing is comparing two types of money, and that brings us to the U.S. Dollar.

The Truth:

  1. The overwhelming majority of U.S.Dollars are electronic ledger entries.
  2. Federal Reserve Notes...$1, $5, $l0, $20, $50, $100 paper bills are issued by a private company called the Federal Reserve, and printed by the Bureau of Engraving and Printing.
  3. No physical work/effort needs to be expended in order to create or destroy the Electronic U.S.Dollar.
  4. Other than the physical paper notes and coins (defined as M0 money supply), U.S.Dollars are not tangible and do not exist in physical reality.
  5. U.S.Dollars and Federal Reserve Notes are not redeemable for anything.

These are 5 things that shine a light on what U.S.Dollars are; It is a very complex and occulted concept involving many more things.

Things like:

  1. Being created out of thin air; with a keystroke... it appears.
  2. Every Dollar is a counterparty risk/debt.
  3. It is backed by violent force.
  4. Its use is demanded by violent force.
  5. The amount in circulation is elastic and directed by people for their gain.
  6. It is a pyramid scam. He who gets the Dollar first, gets the highest purchasing value.
  7. The interest demanded for loans (that actually create money) was never created...meaning defaults are unavoidable.

So what is the U.S.Dollar worth?

Like when Charlie Munger spoke about Bitcoin...I say the U.S.Dollar is Rat Poison.
It is one of the spells that has been used to enslave over 99% of the people on earth.
So it must be worth the World to the less than 1% of people that use it as a tool to enslave others.

It is not that I predict Silver is going to increase in value, but that the U.S.Dollar is going to decrease.

Its a competition; its a race.

A race to zero for the U.S.Dollar.

Here is why the U.S.Dollar will collapse:

  1. To much debt.
    New money has to be created to service the ever increasing debt to asset ratio.
    Loan defaults remove dollars from the economy; less money = more defaults.
    It is a negative feedback loop.
    Meanwhile the real assets become property of the banking cartel for no effort other than creating money out of thin air.
    Assets get liquidated for low prices crashing the markets and values.
    The future will have broken markets with no price discovery.
    Then people who have yet to understand the scam will wake up with nothing.
    People will be racing to get rid of Dollars; it's already happening.
  2. Other Nation's abandonment of the U.S.Petro Dollar.
    On August l5, l971 the U.S. defaulted on it's promise to back the Dollar with gold.
    The U.S. worked with Saudi Arabia to create the Petrodollar system.
    With the Petrodollar system all nations would have to obtain U.S.Dollars to purchase oil; All oil transaction would be in U.S.Dollars.
    This Petrodollar system held up the Dollar as the world's reserve currency.
    But now Saudi Arabia is abandoning the system.
    The demand for U.S.Dollars is decreasing.
  3. Competition with BRICS worldwide monetary system.
    BRICS is an acronym for Brazil, Russia, India, China, and South Africa; they have launched a monetary system that is outside of U.S. control.
    This system is polarizing the world economy.
    The economic impact of the over thirty nations that are now embracing the BRICS economy has surpassed the economic output of the G7 nations.
    BRICS and the end of the Petrodollar are inflationary for the Dollar.
  4. The recent launch of FedNow CBDC.
    The Federal Reserve has launched "FedNow" Central Bank Digital Currency CBDC.
    It is an electronic ledger that host programmable tokens managed directly by the Federal Reserve Central Bank; Local banks are not included.
    This system links individuals directly with the Central Bank.
    The tokens are programmable, so it will be used to program people.
    This is what will be pushed (now) as the Dollar collapses.
  5. The arrival of Bitcoin and other crypto currencies.
    There are lots of options to store wealth digitally on fair, open source, distributed ledgers.
    These options take knowledge and personal responsibility.
  6. The awakening of people to what the U.S.Dollar is.
    People will wake up, take action, and make choices that work best for them.
    The Dollar works for the less than l% of people that produce war and suffering.
    The BRICS system will probably be the same.
    FedNow is the gates of hell.
    Crypto Currencies are very useful and a great option to facilitate trade as well as store value.
  7. And of course...there is Silver and Gold!

-Brian Nelson

P.S. Also there are many commodity and labor comparisons, such as gold to silver ratio, silver to labor ratio, and silver to oil ratio that indicate the silver market being one of the most undervalued markets.
The market can remain irrational longer than you can remain solvent - John Maynard Keynes
Do your own research; every individual is responsible for their own investment decisions.