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4th of July - Brian Nelson
I woke up in chains - Brian Nelson
Investment Allocation - Brian Nelson
How Dare Slaves Kill Themselves - Brian Nelson
I pledge aligence to the Easter Bunny - Brian Nelson
$500 Silver - Brian Nelson
The Way Out - Larken Rose
I,Pencil - Leonard E. Read
The Constitution of No Authority - Lysander Spooner
The Gospel of Consumption - Jeffrey Kaplan
Declaration of Independence


Mark Passio's site-What on Earth is Happening
Trivium and Quadrivium
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One Geat Work Network-24hr video streem
The Truth About The Law
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I can lend out my copys localy if needed.

The End of All Evil - Jeremy Locke
The Most Dangerous Superstition - Larken Rose
The Creature from Jekyll Island - G.Edward Griffin
Atlas Shrugged - Ayn Rand
Gulag Archipelago - Aleksandr Solzhenitsyn
As a Man Thinketh - James Allen
The Botany of Desire - Michael Pollan


Paul Stamets - Stoned Ape & Fungal Intelligence
Johny's Cash (CBDC - Money)
End of Germ Theory - Steve Falconer
Earthlings - narrated by Joaquin Phoenix
Freedom to Fascism - Aaron Russo
Loose Change - Dylan Avery


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William Blake Enlightenment means taking full responsibility for your life.
Sheikh Rashid My grandfather rode a camel, my father rode a camel, I drive a Mercedes, my son drives a Land Rover, his son will drive a Land Rover, but his son will ride a camel.
Ann Landers Class is an aura of confidence that is being sure without being cocky. Class has nothing to do with money. Class never runs scared. It is self-discipline and self-knowledge. It is the sure-footedness that comes with having proved you can meet life.


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b Jonald Triden - together again
DR This is why I look up to you good friend . Thank you for everything you bring into my life .
B Just searched "Larken Rose" to ad his site as a link, and first entry was a wiki page titled: "Tax Protester in United States". He is one of the few to stand up!
B what is the value of capturing a persons attention
b cant use punctuation
B LOGIC is the method for thinking correctly, that is, thinking without contradiction; the art of noncontradictory identification.
Triv "Everything" is in harmony. Contradictions exist only within the mind of man through the misuse of free will (misinterpretations).
B Thoughts are the first step in creation.
B If a mind is in sync with truth; then what happens will be equal to what the mind thinks will happen.
Gabriel Kunze Trying to get in touch with Archon named Gabriel. You were put into sleep status to gain more awareness of the mechanics of earths bots known as humans to gain a better form of gnosis. It is time to bring to your attention now the pandemic has dwindle down. This was engineered as a direct extraction of loosh of those infected compounded naturally occurring version of it by fear and anxiety it has caused. With the transferred consciousness of 6,000,000+ humans that reached an abrupt end was enough energy to develop more sophisticated AI engines for the quantum field of Earth. Due to the code of the virus these humans did not respawn into alternative timelines and end of life cycle was made short. Now that AI engine has been upgraded an extinction level event will occur as the humans are gaining too much awareness and the reality mechanics of the quantum field of Earth need to be rewritten.
Edwina Bogisich repurpose
Edwina Bogisich Berkshire
Edwina Bogisich Berkshire
Edwina Bogisich Berkshire
Holy See (Vatican City St Berkshire
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